Pros and Cons of Dating Asians

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Everyone is unique in their way. While it’s absurd to judge a single person based on what they look like, there are some stereotypes about people that our society has created. For example, blondes are dumb, and men should always be in charge are two basic stereotypes that have been proven not always to be true. People can let these stereotypes get to their heads, even as far as in their dating lives. But the race is a little heavier stereotype- right! Imagine you’re going out with someone, and that person happens to be Asian. Such an idea is excellent, but whether our minds can help it or not, stereotypes start moving into our heads. So, what are the pros and cons of dating a stereotypical Asian?


One of the most known positive stereotypes of dating an Asian is that they are brilliant! Now, that probably applies to a significant portion of the Asian population, but possibly not everyone (but maybe every Asian is excellent, let’s not assume). The next stereotype is about Asian women, and that is that they are compassionate and are very loyal. They believe that family is, which is why they will stand by their partner’s side through just about anything. Another pro is that Asians are hardworking due to the fact that their parents are pushing them to do well in school. As such, you can almost be sure that your Asian date has a good job that holds a steady income.
Remember the movie Crazy Rich Asians? Of course, you do. That movie is all about how a typical stereotypical Asian and their family would act. They’re rich, hardworking, a bit over the top at times, and can be hilarious!


Now, of course, all of these cons are stereotypes and will not apply to all Asians. That being said, there are some cons to dating a stereotypical Asian. Unless the Asian you’re dating was born in another place other than Asia (like America), then you may have a hard time understanding them because they may not be as familiar with your language. The next lousy stereotype about dating Asians is that they are uptight and only care about money. While this could be true, there are Asians out there who are laid back and have jobs purely for the sake of enjoyment rather than cash. This stereotype brings us to the next con of dating an Asian which is that their parents controlled their lives which may (if you get this far in the relationship) make them want to be obsessive over your children as well. While it’s always good to have your parents push you to be the best you can be, the Asian culture is said to be a bit overboard when it comes to making sure their children are thriving.

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