Pros and Cons of Dating Asians

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Everyone is unique in their way. While it’s absurd to judge a single person based on what they look like, there are some stereotypes about people that our society has created. For example, blondes are dumb, and men should always be in charge are two basic stereotypes that have been proven not always to be true. People can let these stereotypes get to their heads, even as far as in their dating lives. But the race is a little heavier stereotype- right! Imagine you’re going out with someone, and that person happens to be Asian. Such an idea is excellent, but whether our minds can help it or not, stereotypes start moving into our heads. So, what are the pros and cons of dating a stereotypical Asian?


One of the most known positive stereotypes of dating an Asian is that they are brilliant! Now, that probably applies to a significant portion of the Asian population, but possibly not everyone (but maybe every Asian is excellent, let’s not assume). The next stereotype is about Asian women, and that is that they are compassionate and are very loyal. They believe that family is, which is why they will stand by their partner’s side through just about anything. Another pro is that Asians are hardworking due to the fact that their parents are pushing them to do well in school. As such, you can almost be sure that your Asian date has a good job that holds a steady income.
Remember the movie Crazy Rich Asians? Of course, you do. That movie is all about how a typical stereotypical Asian and their family would act. They’re rich, hardworking, a bit over the top at times, and can be hilarious!


Now, of course, all of these cons are stereotypes and will not apply to all Asians. That being said, there are some cons to dating a stereotypical Asian. Unless the Asian you’re dating was born in another place other than Asia (like America), then you may have a hard time understanding them because they may not be as familiar with your language. The next lousy stereotype about dating Asians is that they are uptight and only care about money. While this could be true, there are Asians out there who are laid back and have jobs purely for the sake of enjoyment rather than cash. This stereotype brings us to the next con of dating an Asian which is that their parents controlled their lives which may (if you get this far in the relationship) make them want to be obsessive over your children as well. While it’s always good to have your parents push you to be the best you can be, the Asian culture is said to be a bit overboard when it comes to making sure their children are thriving.

A Review of Age Gap and Dating In Asia

Of late, relationships between Asians with an age gap of ten years and above have become a common sight. In a poll survey carried out on young Chinese women aged between 18 and 25, results indicated that almost 70% of the respondents prefer dating a man ten years older. These men are usually attractive, mature, and successful. Chinese men are hard workers and will choose to work over marriage and dating. By the time they feel ready for marriage, they are older, but their success will attract young women looking for wealthy partners. If you looking for a date who is older or younger than yourself, you may wish to look at Asian dating review sites that are packed with lots of advice. Many singles have found their other half using the resources and advice provided on such sites.

Evolutionary psychology plays a part in the older man-younger woman relationships. Men are instinctively drawn to younger women due to their better reproductive capabilities.

Older Women Marrying Younger Men

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With the young women preferring older men and vice versa, an age imbalance among singles is bound to develop. There will be less young women for the young men to date, and the experience and motherly nature of older women push them further to these women. Older women, on the other hand, who delay marrying will have few single age-mates willing to settle down with a woman in her late thirties or forties. Inevitable, young men and older women settle for each other. Statistics have shown that there are more South Korean marriages involving younger men and older women than same-age marriages.

So Why Do Women take Longer to Marry?

It is common to see a man taking longer to marry. However, women who delay marriage are rare, especially among Asian women who are commonly known to be family-oriented. Studies have shown that the average age for first marriage in South Korea has increased. In 1970, only 1.4% of women aged 30 to 34 had never been in marriage while in 2010, the numbers jumped to 30%. One possible reason could be the rise in the breed of successful women who do not have to rely on a man’s wealth to live a good life. These women will thus look at attractiveness and personality when choosing a man, and do not mind being the provider.

Gendered family roles have also played a role in the increase in age that most Asian women settle down. Women in Asian homes are generally expected to take on up to 80% of the housework. They are expected to prioritize the family over their career. Unequal divisions of work are more common among same-age marriages compared to those with age gap. Most women, unwilling to give up their lives to become housewives will get into relationships with younger men who are more open-minded and respectful of their needs and desires.

The Influence of Pop Culture

Celebrity Asian women marrying younger men are more common nowadays. For instance, Director Lee Sa-gang, who is turning 39, is currently married to Ron, a man 11 years younger. Actress Ham So-won, 43, is married to Jin Hua who is 19 years younger. Watching these celebrity relationships thrive gives confidence to other older women to pursue their love-interests. Consequently, younger men – older women relationships are on the increase.

In conclusion, although the age gap in Asian relationships is proof of how this group has progressed from arranged marriage settlements, the adverse effects are evident. The rate of divorce among Asians has increased, and there has been a decline in fertility.